In today's competitive environment, our top priority is the adoption of the following principles, in which our entire business activity is based on:


• Leadership in our key productive mission

• Common creative vision to all staff

• Competitiveness and Investments,

• Continuous improvement in both the way we work and in ongoing productive processes

• Product safety and hygiene for packaged foods

• Check and control of the product's qualitative characteristics

• Commitment to continuous compliance with the requirements of the European and Greek legislation on the business operations and the and safety of the packaging materials for food and beverages

• Commitment to continual improvement of the effectiveness of the procedure as described in the applicable single Quality & Safety Management System of Food Packaging.



The adoption of these principles is facilitated with:


a) customer satisfaction through full compliance with the agreement, full coverage of needs, providing alternatives to suit requirements and counseling on the expected behavior of the product

b) direct response to customer requests and minimize their complaints through investigation and removal of the causes

c) increase market share and acquire new customers

d) reduce failures during work execution,

e) full compliance with the legislation on the safety and hygiene of the products

f) the continuing education and training of personnel regarding the quality, safety and hygiene,

g) sharing information throughout the food chain relating to the product safety.


Our vision is to maintain and strengthen company's  leading position  in the food packaging industry along with the brand's perception of one with excellent quality products that respect the  customers and are completely safe for the health of consumers.